Jul 26, 2020 17 45 BST
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LCB 36: Clash of Kings PPV

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LCB 36: Clash of Kings PPV

Chessboxing is a wild mix of two of mankind’s oldest sporting obsessions. Opponents slug it out on the chessboard and in the ring, in alternating rounds of speed chess and boxing until there is a winner by checkmate or KO, whichever comes first.  It is a fast-rising sport.  The ultimate battle of brains versus brawn.

On July 26, 2020 at 18:00 BST, history will be made:  The first-ever live Chessboxing pay-per-view will be available for purchase by audiences all over the world.   

LCB 36: CLASH OF KINGS, presented by London Chessboxing in association with Protocol Sports Marketing, promises to excite and entertain sports fans all over the world.  Join us as we make history.  See for yourself the Mystery of Chessboxing.
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